The Grapefruit by Bethany Reid

The Grapefruit

In Matisse’s Violinist at the Window,
shades of ochre and orange
make me think of the grapefruit
my husband bought yesterday
at the market, and of the grapefruit spoon,
a Valentine’s Day gift,
that I used this morning at breakfast.
The song the violinist plays
is Chopin, a prelude, or a nocturne,
notes lifting from his bow
both sweet and tart.


Bethany Reid’s poetry books include Sparrow, which won the 2012 Gell Poetry Prize (Big Pencil Press 2012), and The Thing with Feathers, which was published as part of Triple No. 10 (Ravenna Press 2020). She and her husband live in Edmonds, Washington, near their three grown daughters. She blogs at

7 thoughts on “The Grapefruit by Bethany Reid

  1. longingly
    my tongue rolls for a wedge
    of a grapefruit of my own
    power of suggestion .

    Thank you !

  2. Ooh, I am actually salivating! Sweet and tart…
    Hello after a long absence…health muckiness. I printed out your Abcederian on Marriage before Christmas and both enjoyed the story and the structure. It helped so much with my my own piece on motherhood. By the way, I was cheered to read that you also read many of the authors/educators I appreciated an followed raising my daughter.
    Belated Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Bruce!

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