I Head to the Bathroom in a Plane Accompanied by a Migraine by KHD

I Head to the Bathroom in a Plane Accompanied by a Migraine

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.”
         —Bertolt Brech

AI claimed my arm rest.
The kid behind me plays

soccer with my seat. There is
a pounding in my head and on

and on it drums; the sum of loud
rhymes. AI gave me gum then spit out

that art is dead. Instead consider time,
I said. It beats, yes, but that beat’s

a sign, a pulse, a wave. A blue-water
flush. When two mirrors reflect

each other, where does that wind
up? Smash the glass with a hammer

and write with all the dust.


KHD’s love of poetry first bloomed as a child. She memorized Robert Frost sitting on a tree stump and bathed in Edgar Allan Poe as an adolescent. While studying words at Florida State University, she played with chips and became a professional poker player. She’s passionate about the immense potential NFTs present for poetry, and enjoys helping onboard traditional poets primarily through Twitter (@Katie_Dozier). Her poetry has recently been published by Rattle, Frontier, and The Tickle. She maintains TheNFTPoetryGallery.com as a vehicle for showing the potential of CryptoPoetry, regularly speaks at NFT NYC conferences, and hosts “ThePoetrySpace_” weekly on Twitter.

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