Remote by David Ross Linklater


When I was young
–er I’d spend time
under the kitchen
table, with a blanket
draped down
to make a den and a remote
with no batteries in place
of a toy. I forget each
button’s purpose but
remember how it felt
to hold something
so perfect, with no
screen and the whole
big world in my
freckled hand.


David Ross Linklater is a poet from Easter Ross. He is the author of four pamphlets, most recently Star Muck Bourach (Wish Fulfillment Press, 2022). His work has appeared in The Dark Horse, Gutter, New Writing Scotland and Bath Magg. He lives and writes in Glasgow. Twitter @DavidRossLinkla /

One thought on “Remote by David Ross Linklater

  1. Oh how i love this–the title, so perfect. How utterly the poet paints that world–the world under the table and the inner big world. I love the play of spaciousness and containment. Dang. I just love this poem.

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