Restoration by Danielle Lemay


Some spouses enjoy the fast break and then
a three-point shot in basketball; mine loves to watch
antique restoration shows. Today, we endure
the disassembling, cleaning, and rebuilding
of a vintage grape press. Skill marries patience
to unscrew each odd piece from the rusted hulk,
soak in chemicals, inspect, then scrape and peel
off specs of rust like culling extra words
or stanzas. Arduous, yet delicate, we whittle,
then build again, grease the pieces, oil the joints,
shine the exposed. We work at what we love
until it feels whole, glistens, and moves anew.


Danielle Lemay is a poet and scientist. Her poetry has been nominated for Best of the Net in 2021 and has appeared or is forthcoming in Limp Wrist Magazine, Lavender Review, and elsewhere. She lives in central California with her wife, two children, and six chickens.

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