Constancy by Amit Majmudar


The best way to be
alone is to have someone

somewhere in the house.
Which means

for your solitude not to feel lonely, you need
someone else

to be alone, too.
By you, my love, I mean


of course. That goes without
saying, which is to say, you and


forgetting each other sometimes
proves how completely

the same empty jam jar
holds us, two fireflies

scooped out of the same evening,
meeting at a knife hole in the lid

to lick the same star.


Amit Majmudar is a diagnostic nuclear radiologist who lives in Westerville, Ohio, with his wife and three children. The former first Poet Laureate of Ohio, he is the author of the poetry collections What He Did in Solitary and Dothead as well as two other poetry collections, four internationally acclaimed novels, an anthology of political poetry, and a translation of the Bhagavad-Gita. Awarded the Donald Justice Prize and the Pushcart Prize, Majmudar’s work has appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Best of the Best American Poetry, and the eleventh edition of The Norton Introduction to Literature. A memoir, Twin A, is forthcoming in the United States in 2022. Two novels are forthcoming in India in 2022 as well: an historical novel about the 1947 Partition entitled The Map and the Scissors, and a novel for young readers, Heroes the Color of Dust. He is currently co-creating a graphic novel/web comic, The Kali Yuga Chronicles. Visit for more details.

2 thoughts on “Constancy by Amit Majmudar

  1. oh! This poem! I love the metaphor, I love the sweet conversational tone, I love the reflection on loneliness vs. solitude, and I love the line breaks with isolate the me, but only in context of the whole we of the poem. Such a poem!

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