ONE ART’s Nominations for The Nina Riggs Poetry Award

About The Nina Riggs Poetry Award

Cave Wall Press:

“Nina Riggs, author of The Bright Hour and Lucky Lucky, wrote
beautiful work on many subjects, including relationships and
domestic life. She knew how to savor every moment of her too-short
life, and in her poetry and her memoir, she explores the poignancy
and love that resonate in the details of every day. With this award,
Cave Wall seeks to honor poets like Nina, whose writing illuminates
just how extraordinary the ordinary can be.”

“Each year, Cave Wall will award at least one poet for the finest
writing that examines relationships, family, or domestic life. We
will be looking for poems published in journals and books during
the previous three years. Each winner will receive at least $1000
and, if funding permits, will be invited to give a reading in
Greensboro, NC, Nina Riggs’s hometown.”


ONE ART’s Nominations for The Nina Riggs Poetry Award:

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer – My Son’s First Word (pub. 2022)

Ona Gritz – Office Visit (pub. 2022)

James Crews – The Smallest Kindness (pub. 2021)

Katie Richards – Foaling lesson (pub. 2020)

CL Bledsoe – Working from Home (pub. 2022)

Tom Hunley – An Urn Among Music Boxes (pub. 2021)


Congratulations to our wonderful poets!! 

ONE ART’s nominations for Best Spiritual Literature

~ ONE ART’s nominations for Orison Book’s Best Spiritual Literature (formerly The Orison Anthology) ~ 

Amit Majmudar – Constancy
Bracha K. Sharp – After The Questions
Jennifer Abod – At the Indian Ocean
Pauli Dutton – While Teaching Line Dancing at a Senior Center, Someone Accuses Me of Always Being Happy
Donna Spruijt-Metz – Day 0: Shekhinah
Robin Turner – The Unfolding

ONE ART’s 2021 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Congratulations to Chad Frame, Heather Swan, Erin Murphy, Kristin Garth, CL Bledsoe, and Eric Nelson!!

Read these meritorious poems here:

Chad Frame – Shepard

Heather Swan – On the Day After You Left This World

Eric Murphy – Revision Lesson

Kristin Garth – Sometimes a Cigar is Not Just

CL Bledsoe – I Wish You Were Fun

Eric Nelson – My Brothers

2021 Best of the Net nominations

~ ONE ART’s 2021 Best of the Net nominations ~

What Were You Wearing? by Nicole Caruso Garcia
Bearing Water by Betsy Mars
Naviphobia by Sean Lynch
Rail Trail by James Harms
An Urn Among Music Boxes by Tom Hunley
After the Tortoise Won the Race by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Congratulations to all our nominees!!

Mark Danowsky & Louisa Schnaithmann
ONE ART: a journal of poetry