BRAND LOYALTY by Alyson Gold Weinberg


I made a Pledge to Cheer with Joy whenever my little
Dove(s) are near. To caress their Downy heads. To keep
Tab(s) on them—and spend many a Summer’s Eve
When the Nerds are asleep—L’eggs open, welcoming the Soft

Scrub of your beard on my Crest. You’re Charmin. You’re Fantastik.
Head and Shoulders above the rest, but these days I don’t
Comet in a Jiff—a bit of my libido has gone down the Drano.
Fancy a foursome with Mr. Clean and Mrs. Butterworth—?

We can get Miracle Whip(ped) until Dawn when they gotta Bounce.


Alyson Gold Weinberg is the author of Bellow & Hiss, A New Women’s Voices finalist, forthcoming in September, 2023 (Finishing Line Press). Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in december, Halfway Down the Stairs, Poetica, among others. She was a 2021 Jeff Marks Memorial Prize finalist (judged by Carl Phillips) and a 2022 Harbor Review Jewish Women’s Poetry Prize Finalist. When not writing poetry, Alyson is a speechwriter and the ghostwriter of five non-fiction books.

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