Res et Verba by Anthony DiMatteo

Res et Verba

Words can say things quickly such as
your brother was murdered or you have
cancer or the old man down the block
just died. We’re lost beyond hope.

Could be good things said. Just married!
The storm went to sea. I hit the lotto.
But the point is what can last a lifetime
or change one can be stated in few words

though no words hazard all that’s involved
the way one can stand at canyon’s edge
a few miles deep and not hear a thing.
The fusion of near absolute silence

and immense space staggers the mind.
Just so two words can say more than one can
fathom, the earth itself tentative,
surrounded by infinity on all sides.


Anthony DiMatteo’s third poetry collection Secret Offices is just out. Why secret? One can’t take credit for an office dedicated to the pursuit of beauty and fairness as a poet must be. No one knows what one is doing in such a search, a prerequisite for it. His previous collection In Defense of Puppets explored the way we imagine things when we speak for others or they for us. A recent chapbook Fishing for Family charted the experience of language from infancy to senescence. Recent poems have appeared in The Connecticut River Review, Cimarron Review, The MacGuffin, North Dakota Quarterly and The Galway Review.

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