twin by Scott Ferry


i have always had a roundness to my voice / a softness which is fleshy and feminine / a gay friend of mine told me that he thought i was gay / why i asked / lots of things he said / the way you hold your body / your gentleness / something in the way you talk / i said well i know but i am hetero as they come / he gave me a look like he didn’t fully believe me / when i watch myself on video i see the girl in me / i didn’t realize everyone could see her / a moonish twin in my limbs / an easy weeping at movies / a woman’s lilting tone / but i have never tried to rip her out / i have never tried to conceal her / she is a soft thing in me that has survived / she has grown flowers out of her many heads / flourished next to the archetypes and models of gender / sang into rivers and oceans my many glowing tears / at night when i feel frightened / she holds my bones together in her hands


Scott Ferry is a RN in the Seattle area. His most recent books of poetry are collaborations: Midnight Glossolalia with Lillian Nećakov and Lauren Scharhag and Fill Me With Birds with Daniel McGinn, both from Meat For Tea Press. His third book from Impspired Press is titled each imaginary arrow with the first two being Skinless in the Cereal Aisle and The Long Blade of Days Ahead. He continues to write feverishly as the voices in his head demand. He tries to be a decent husband and father and general human whilst screaming into the mirrored lake of oblivion at intervals. More of his work can be found @

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