A Short Game of Catch, Then Back to Bed by Bryce Johle

A Short Game of Catch, Then Back to Bed

We played catch once
with the baseball mitt I got
when Mom and I were movie extras
in our little Pennsylvania town.
You taught me how to throw

straight up sky high, keeping
my eye on the ball, and catch
my own pitch. That way, even if
you aren’t here because your back
and mind ache and it’s just me,

beside my forgettable forty-eight
frames of fame, I can still practice.


Bryce Johle is from Williamsport, PA and earned a B.A. from Kutztown University. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Parentheses Journal, Litbreak Magazine, Eunoia Review, Literary Yard, October Hill Magazine, and Maudlin House, among others. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and stepdaughter.

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