Into a Salt Mine by Marc Vincenz

Into a Salt Mine

A crack of waves on a bench above the ocean.

Words fall hard. Which story is yours?

Every culprit swallowed in Abyssinia,
Where the secretaries move at half-past

Six, where the only spoil is the numbers
On the fabric—set the currency to your clock.

Whose confession is this? Become a vapor,
An id in space-time, that you may tread

The awkward and sinful under the lion’s gaze.

Cast those kernels to the breeze.


Marc Vincenz is an Anglo-Swiss-American poet, fiction writer, translator, editor and artist. He has published over 30 books of poetry, fiction and translation. His work has been published in The Nation, Ploughshares, Raritan, Colorado Review, World Literature Today and The Los Angeles Review of Books. He is publisher and editor of MadHat Press and publisher of New American Writing.

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