No one goes to Heaven who’s a sinner by Gale Acuff

No one goes to Heaven who’s a sinner

they say at Sunday School but not at all
of ’em–at the church across the street it’s
everybody goes to the Good Place, that’s
why Jesus died, so nobody goes to
Hell but our Sunday School teacher says that
just isn’t fair, it would mean you could sin
and sin and sin intentionally, with
malice aforethought what’s more, and still be
forgiven for every heinous wicked
-ness and that’s not what she’d allow if she
was God or Jesus or the Holy Ghost,
no sir, she’s tougher than the Trinity
and if they’re not scared of her I sure as
Hell am. And I have perfect attendance.


Gale Acuff has had hundreds of poems published in a dozen journals and is the author of three books of poetry. He has taught tertiary English courses in the US, PR China, and Palestine.

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