Palms Up by Steven Concert

Palms Up

Memories lashed together with lifelines,
I still hold love in my hands
three years since he was eaten alive.

Hidden monster gnawed from within,
its victory wore my defeat.

Time’s distance dims,
I still hear his voice echo

its reason and explanation
inside my head—

made him crazy every time
I peeled vegetables
pulling the peeler toward my wrist.

Life moves away from tragedy
while invisible tethers come undone.


Steven Concert, a gay American poet, is a native of upstate New York who was transplanted to northeastern Pennsylvania at a very young age. His manuscript was named a finalist in the 2021 Stevens Manuscript Poetry competition (NFSPS Press), and his poetry was awarded first place in Creative York’s 2021 Writer’s Eye Competition. Steven serves on the Executive Boards of both the Pennsylvania Poetry Society and National Federation of State Poetry Societies. He is current editor of the Mad Poet Society’s digital quarterly newsletter, the Pulse. He can be found on Facebook @ Paperless Poets.

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