Geese by Sally Nacker


Three geese sit very still
at the edge of the pond,
on a little green hill.

She has never seen geese
so still. Still as the smooth stones
on the bank in the light breeze.

Stone-still in the noon air:
three geese in the grass near the water,
she thinks, in prayer.


Sally Nacker was awarded the Edwin Way Teale writer’s residency in the summer of 2020. Her poems appear in The Orchards Poetry Journal, Mezzo Cammin, ONE ART, An Amaranthine Summer, Hawk and Whippoorwill, Blue Unicorn, Your Daily Poem, and The Sunlight Press. Kindness in Winter (May 2021, Kelsay Books) is her new collection.
A review of Kindness… can be found at Quill and Parchment.

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