Tailgating by John Aylesworth


The SUV 6 feet behind me
wants to pass on this 2 lane
and I’m 5 miles over the speed limit,
looking for the turn to Rainbow Lake Road
while he’s on his way to Florida.

I guess he trusts his robot brakes
if a couple of deer cross the road,
and he doesn’t know there’ll be 4 lanes soon
so I wonder whether his insurance
will cover my broken back and suffering.

We should stop and talk instead of hurrying:
find if we worship the same football team,
complain about our wives, ask where we’re from,
where we’re going.

It would be like meditation,
praying for understanding.
We could trade cars and places
but I wouldn’t be able to keep up.


Several years ago, John Aylesworth graduated from Ohio University with an M.A. in English (Creative Writing) and a Ph.D. in Comparative Arts. He decided to stay in Athens (Ohio) and teach in public schools, raise a family, and write. More of his poems can be found at John Aylesworth poetry.

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