Somewhere Out There by Deron Eckert

Somewhere Out There

My little cat,
how long
has it been
since you fled,
run off by
the swift swipe
of an old broom,
never to be seen
thirty years?
Was your time
in this world
Is it still?
Do you scrounge
for food left out
to the strays,
like you,
or did you
find comfort
in a welcoming
one without swipes,
where the only
gesture your way
is a pat on the lap
you love,
asking you to come,
you never leave?
Please know
I prayed, too.


Deron Eckert is a writer and poet who lives in Lexington, Kentucky. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rattle, Door is a Jar, Ghost City Review, Maudlin House, The Fourth River, Flash Fiction Magazine, and elsewhere. He was a flash fiction finalist in New Millennium Writing’s 54th Writing Awards. He is currently seeking publication for his Southern Gothic, coming-of-age novel and his first collection of poetry. He can be found on Instagram at deroneckert and Twitter @DeronEckert.