ONE ART’s 2023 Best of the Net nominations

ONE ART is pleased to announce this year’s Best of the Net nominations!

Eligible poems were published between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. As a poetry journal, we had the opportunity to nominate six poems.

The nominated poems (in no particular order) are as follows:

Ona Gritz – Dear Advice Columnist
CL Bledsoe – Working from Home
Whitney Hudak – ISLAMORADA
Donna Spruijt-Metz – Sarah Returns to Me as a 100% Organic Cotton Round
Kaitlyn Spees – Bloodmeal
Claire Taylor – Here Lies a Woman

Thank you for these poems!

Bloodmeal by Kaitlyn Spees


Sometimes I let the mosquito do her thing –
Watch her little body fat with blood and ignore
The itch of her mouthparts parting her chosen
Point of skin. My mammal heart
Pumps iron to bulge her bugbelly quickly –
In both our interests – she seems to take
So little for satisfaction that it feels
Churlish to refuse. For me it’s easy: my
Mosquitos are clean so far my fluid-swap welts
Fade fast I’m lucky and I like pain.
I think about my blood transmuted
To eggs, then larva, then winged legions.
I think it when I sip, like a hummingbird germophobe,
Christ’s blood from the chalice. I think it
When I bleed between my legs.


Kaitlyn Spees is a Bay Area poet and technician in a genetics lab. Her work has appeared in Rattle Magazine’s Poets Respond and The Herd Literary Newsletter.